Report A Problem

Order Cancellations

If your order is cancelled and not yet dispatched, we will offer you a full refund. Cancellation requests must be made in writing 24 hours prior to your item being dispatched.

In the events you made a cancellation request, but delivery was unable to be stopped in time. We ask at this stage DO NOT accept delivery once it arrives, refuse the package on arrival saying it is a cancelled order, the parcel will subsequently be returned to sender. (failure to do so will lead to you the customer having to pay for return charges).

If your item is dispatched and you wish to cancel your order, you will not be refunded the delivery charge, you will also be expected to refuse the item when it arrives to you, so it can be returned to sender).

Damages – 24-hour flexibility 

Damages in principle must be reported upon arrival of your order. You are expected to check the item once it arrives to your door and then sign for the item as received or sign for the item as received by damaged.

We have added a 24-hour customer protection caveat which allows all customers to receive items and to then subsequently check the goods within 24 hours of receiving for any damages incurred.

In the event of a damage being reported we expect the damage to reported in writing directly to

Once damaged is accepted

Disclaimer: if at a later stage it is claimed a call was made or that you were unable to check the item within the 24hour specified time we will not accept liability of the damage. This is a strict company policy we adhere to avoid abuse of our 14-day money back guarantee programme. Simply put if a damage is reported after 24 hours in writing we reserve the right to refuse the customer complaint.