Money Back Guarantee:

We accept returns up to 14 days without any obligation. Collection of the unwanted parcel may take up to 14 working days. We will however within the 14-day period specify exact collection dates and also provide detailed collection instructions and information.

We are not liable to pay for the return carriage costs in the events of any customer exercising their right to a 14-day money back guarantee.

We recommend courier services such as parcels2go and parcel monkey or customer service team can make all of the return arrangements at a cost of £40.00.

We will only accept return once you complete a return form and send us images of the item packaged securely in the original box. If the item is not in original packaging, we will not accept the return. 

–          Reason for packaging: couriers do not accept items which are likely to incur further damage once collected from you. They are simply not insured to cover the item if it is not adequately packaged.

–          Hence why we request you keep the original box for at least 14 days, the original packaging has relevant white polyester protectors to protect item from damage and is acceptable for the courier.

Returns Disclaimer: If the products have not been purchased directly from our website and rather a 3rd party deal partner such as Groupon, Wowcher, eBay, Amazon or any other partner of ours we may ask you to pay us once again for the collection of the item. The logical step is to deduct the amount from the amount you originally paid, however unfortunate and inconvenient as it may seem some of our 3rd party payment systems are not set in such a way where they can give partial refunds, so we collect the collection amount from you, and you will receive refund in full, from the respective deal partner.


Ordering through our website
Direct orders through our website are refunded directly by us. Our refunds are paid back to the card you used when you originally made your purchase, we do not transfer or refund to any other account.

Our refunds take up to 7 working days.

Orders made through our deal partners

Our deal partners include the likes of; Groupon, Wowcher, Amazon, eBay and others. Refunds made through our deal partners are directly refunded through them or through their online platforms. It doesn’t mean to say we can’t help; our customer service team will deal with your enquiry through every stage, up to the point a refund option has been agreed. In this instance we would contact our deal partner and request them to make a refund to you (the customer) directly.

Typically, our deal partners take around 7 – 10 working days to issue refunds back into your account. Our job is to make sure we confirm the refund has been accepted from our side, we do this by emailing the customer and refund department of the respective deal partner.

It’s good to know that when buying from our deal partners your money is safe, the deal partners retain your money and hold it until we provide them with tracking information. Our deal partners take further measures to ensure you are fully protected, they confirm the tracking information is correct, they then confirm if delivery has been received and then wait a further 30 days until they finally release a payment to us.

Faulty Item:

If you believe your item to be faulty, we request you inform us immediately by writing to our customer service team; Please provide photo or video evidence to support your claim. Your claim will begin effectively from the moment you first write into our customer service team (by email only).

Our customer service team will do everything possible to remedy the issue remotely, believe it or not the most commonly reported faults are typically no faults at all, perhaps a loose wire needing tightening or a bit of explaining to help you put the item together usually solves the problem.

However not all cases are as simple as tightening a bolt or connecting a wire, in every case we carefully examine and advise, if all of the solutions we provide you with do not solve your issue, we ask for you to send the item to our warehouse for a further examination.

We will do our utmost to remedy. your issue as quickly as possible, the checking and refurbishing of your item can take between 15 to 60 working days. Its dependent on parts availability and feasibility of fault repair work if required.

If items are genuinely faulty, they will be repairer and sent back to the customer at our company expense.

Disclaimer: Cut wires, water damage to electronic chip sets or power sources, aesthetic or cosmetic damage, general wear and tear and other issues which are non-electrical are typically rejected. Return cost of the item which is claimed to be faulty is covered by the customer making the claim. If the claim is successful and the item is repaired it is sent back to the customer by us, at our expense. 


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