3 Year warranty is for motor only. It doesn’t cover you against accidental damage or cosmetic damage or general wear and tear. For breakages/damages of the product you must contact your home insurance company or find an online accidental damage for home appliances additional insurance cover company.

We do not fit the new motor but provide instruction of how to remove the old motor and install the new one. The instructions are clear, and the process is simply an requires only a screwdriver.

All motors are free of charge but are delivered directly from our manufacturers in China. The airway bill delivery charges and taxes from door to door (China factory to UK Home). for the motor of this size and weight are around £40 to £60. Customers are expected to bare the freight and tax charges.

All motor part delivery arrangements and customs clearance are managed by our after-sales support team, the warranty can only be used once, keep your proof of purchase, invoice or voucher from when you originally made the purchase to make a claim.

We do not provide a warranty card or special warranty ID number; the receipt of purchase is enough to locate your order and submit your claim.