Well, 2020 has been somewhat an uncertain year, but Xstream Gym’s fitness equipment has been consistently sold throughout the UK earning itself the title ‘the UK’s best budget range treadmill and spin bike retailer.’ Over 18,000 heavy home gym equipment apparatus was sold by Xstream Gym in 2020, with 40,000 heavy equipment pieces being forecasted for 2021.

So what makes Xstream Gym home fitness equipment products so different from other products in the market?  Let’s take a look at the top three selling product in 2020 to get a better understanding:  

  • First place was taken by the X2 Hurricane Chunk exercise spin bike. It is currently being sold at a discounted rate of £199 but usually retails for £399. The bike is called the Hurricane X2 Chunk because it’s a model up from the Hurricane X1 exercise spin bike. The X1 is has a smaller frame hence why the upgraded model with its thicker, heavier steel frame is dubbed the ‘Chunk’. The bike is beautifully crafted and hard wearing, it’s also easily portable making it a great piece of exercise equipment for the home. The look, feel and the price point make the Hurricane X2 Chunk a simply irresistible offer Details of the Hurricane X2 Chunk spin bike can be viewed or purchased through this link:

  • The second bestseller; The Billna A6 Running machine basic variant, which is a treadmill only option, it’s retailed at £699 but currently offered on whopping price drop of over 45%, down to £379 only and can be viewed or purchased by clicking the link below. The A6 basic option is arguably the number best-selling treadmill in the United Kingdom since 2017 up to date. The product is widely available for sale and featured as a bestselling item on www.wowcher.co.uk and on www.groupon.co.uk. Upon surveying 10 happy customers it became clear the winning features of the A6 were its simple ergonomic design, its slick foldable tuck away feature and simple to use navigation dashboard with 12 speed gauge were what one them over. So great design quick and easy to start and hugely affordable price, make the A6 basic amongst the UK’s number one home treadmill choice.
  • Not far behind is the third bestselling treadmill; The Billna A6 Multi-Function option has extras added to the treadmill but costs slightly more. This A6 multi function option has 3 noticeably differences to the Billna A6 basic model. The first is it has an electric powered vibration massage plate, this allows users to stand on the treadmill with the vibration plate wrapping around the user’s waist and vibrating vigorously, the vibration massage plate is soothing and works wonders on working out your lower abdominal area whilst the user is in a completely stationary position. The second extra on the A6 Multi Function treadmill is a sit up rack, the user can lay flat back on the running belt and complete as many sit ups as they feel. And finally, there are two 3kg dumb bells with the a6 multi-function option, recommended for advanced to use whilst they run giving you both a leg and arm work out simultaneously. The Billna multi-function treadmill can be viewed and purchased through this link:

If you’d like to learn more about Xstream Gym check out their website www.xstreamgym.com

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